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Hardware Security Module

HSM is reliable and basic protection in IT security. Provides cryptographic processing of numerous applications, transactions in banking and other financial institutions, government and high-tech industry.
As a leader in IT security SafeNet design and develop cryptographic technology and HSM's (Hardware Security Modul's, also known as Host Security Modules) according to international standards, like FIPS 140 and Common Criteria. Existing applications rely on PKCS#11, Java JCA/JCE and Microsoft CryptoAPI interfaces.

Typical applications of SafeNet HSM's include:

  • ATM's networks
  • POS networks
  • EFT terminal networks
  • Internet and mobile banking
  • Online payment systems
  • PIN verification and key management
  • Card management systems
  • Branch networks security
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) elements
  • Digital signature
  • Smart card systems





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