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TranzWare Card Factory

EMV cards reduce the risk of fraud and at the same time offer more functions. TranzWare Card Factory is a turn-key solution for EMV card personalization process, providing necessary hardware, software and technology. It’s main purpose is to personalize cards with minimal help from existing back-office solution, while supporting all necessary modern functionality. It is refined personalization and issuing solution specifally designed to drive cost of EMV personalization and issuance down, thus enabling card issuers to satisfy demands of any market in a cost-effective, efficient and secure way. TranzWare Card Factory can be efficiently deployed at small banks with small scale, as well as at personalization bureaus, multi-branch banks and independent organizations serving several banks  and practicing large-scale card personalization and issuance. TranzWare Card Factory supports image input (TWAIN interface), image capture, storage, printing, PIN generation and PIN-envelope printing, supports customer selected PIN code, magnetic stripe restoration, etc. Also, popular makes of personalization equipment, EMV cards, HSM's supplied by all major manufacturers is supported.








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