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Teller Cash Recycler

AST 7000 NT, automatic cash in - cash out unit. Designed to meet the needs of security and speed of the bank branch. Ensures the security and reliability needed in open space branches and at the same time enabling to save time in cash processing.


  • Small size allows the introduction of the machine in any layout
  • Safe:5mm,12mm,40mm
  • CashRay 90 of the German company Giesecke&Devrient, sensor recognized as most reliable to certify banknotes
  • Deposit and withdrawal speed 5 banknotes/second
  • 8 magacina, sa kapacitetom od 550 novčanica
  • Connections- serial port RS232,port USB 1.0 or ethernet
  • multicurrency


  CIMA AST 7000NT prospekt





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